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Posted by Amir on 13th Dec 2017

Who are we?

In 1986, Epilady brought the first epilator to the market and revolutionized hair removal, offering a cost effective, mess-free alternative to shaving and waxing for women around the world. Since our inception, the Epilady name has been synonymous with superior hair removal. Over the years, we have continued to lead the industry with our innovative technology and designs, as well as our dedicated customer service. Today, Epilady has expanded far beyond the original coil-style epilators that put us on the map – though we still offer those as well! Here at Epilady, we know the epilator best – we did invent it, after all. With something for everyone, over 4 million women worldwide own Epilady products…join us today and find out why!

What IS epilating?

To put it simply, epilation is the removal of hair by the root with an epilator. Epilators are electrical devices that mechanically remove multiple hairs simultaneously, using either a coil or a rotating head with multiple sets of tweezers. Alyssa from our sales and marketing team likes to refer to epilators as “waxless waxing machines,” which is a great comparison. Epilating offers many of the same benefits as waxing, but without the sticky mess, potential burns, and time-consuming trips to the salon. Removing hair by the root with an epilator allows for much slower hair growth than shaving, as shaving only cuts the hair off at the surface, leaving the rest of the hair below the skin to grow back almost immediately. Depending on your personal rate of hair growth, epilating can give you silky smooth skin for up to 4-6 weeks. An epilator is an affordable, one-time purchase that can last for years when treated with care, saving you thousands of dollars on razors, shaving cream, waxing treatments, and other hair removal products in the long run. Here at Epilady, we want you to achieve salon-level results, but in the privacy and convenience of your home. Once you try epilating, you’ll never want to go back to shaving!

How do I find out more?

Stay tuned for future blog posts on tips, techniques, and individual products! Until then, check out the product descriptions on our website – www.epiladyusa.com. Please feel free to contact our customer support team if you have any questions. Give us a call at 713-666-4582 between 9AM-4PM Central Time, Monday-Friday, or email us any time at support@epiladyusa.net.