Epilady Absolute Laser Stylus

Maximum Purchase:
1 unit

Laser stylus for permanent hair reduction

FDA Cleared

Fast, simple, easy-to-use, affordable, and

painless hair removal



The Absolute Laser Stylus from Epilady is an over the counter device intended for the removal of unwanted facial hair.

The Absolute is based on advanced infrared laser technology. The infrared monochromatic laser beam impacts the hair follicle, heating it and weakening it in the process, and neither causes damage, nor leaves any traces on the surrounding skin. It is intended for permanent hair reduction in facial hair growth following an initial treatment regimen.

Use Absolute once a week for four weeks, then do periodic touch up treatments as needed when the hair appears.

Absolute, an at home professional laser hair removal technology, clinically proven.

Unique, patented, and incredibly effective The Absolute allows the fastest, permanent facial hair reduction using professional laser technology with unlimited treatments.

Fastest and safest way for smooth, hair free and beautiful facial skin.

California Prop 65 information: please see photo.


One-year manufacturer's warranty