Epilady Drop Wet/Dry Rechargeable Epilator

Was: $89.99
Now: $49.99

The Epilady Drop is the newest addition to our Elite Line and it is unlike any other epilator currently on the market. The Drop is rechargeable, water-resistant, and can be used in or out of the shower – whichever you prefer! It is also equipped with a loop for convenient hanging in the shower.

Like all of our tweezer-style epilators, the Drop is suitable for use all over the body. We recommend using the slower speed for finer hair in more delicate areas (such as the face) and using the faster speed for regular to coarse hair (arms, legs, etc.).

No need to deal with harsh stubble after shaving or waiting for hair to grow long enough for waxing – the Drop can remove hairs as short as 0.5mm and is equipped with 28 tweezer sets (56 tweezer discs) that produce up to 64,000 tweezes per minute.

Please note that because the Drop is water-resistant, it can only be used cordless.

The Drop comes with an easy-to-use charging stand: simply place the epilator on the included charging stand so that the contacts on the device and the stand line up. Our Rapid Charging System allows the Drop to fully charge in 2 hours, with up to 45 minutes of use per charge. The LED charging indicator light will switch from red to green once charging is complete. The auto-shutoff system will automatically disable the charging system once your machine is fully charged.

Drop features:

·         Water-resistant for use in or out of the shower

·         Rechargeable and designed for cordless use only

·         Ergonomic, patented design for comfortable hold even with wet hands

·         Two operating speeds:

o   A slower speed for finer hair in delicate areas

o   A faster speed for regular to coarse body hair on the arms and legs

·         Epilation head with massaging discs and Anti-Pinch Technology (APT) for increased comfort

·         Unique, convenient charging stand equipped with multi-voltage adaptor for easy use overseas

·         LED charging indicator light

·         Rapid charging system (2 hours to fully charge, up to 45 minutes of use)

·         Auto-shutoff system automatically turns off charging system once machine has fully charged

·         Loop for convenient hanging in the shower

·         Kit includes Drop epilator, charging stand, multi-voltage adaptor, cleaning brush, and instruction manual.

California Prop 65 information: please see photo.


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