Epilady Manual Coil Tweezer


The Epilady Coil Tweezer is perfect for eyebrows, but can also be used on facial hair, arms, legs, bikini, and underarms.

It is small and light, and removes the hairs by the root in one easy squeeze.

You can put it in your purse, car or travel bag for use whenever you need a quick touch-up.

The Epilady Coil Tweezer is great on its own, and makes a perfect compliment to any Epilady hair removal product!

• Special coil gripping action.
• Easy to operate – simply push coil lever upwards with your thumb. Release and pull.
• Small and compact – fits into any purse or pocket.
• 12 times faster than regular tweezers.
• Great for eyebrows, facial hair or a quick touch-up on the arms, legs, underarms or bikini line.
• Please note that this is a manually-operated device, so there is no need for batteries. 

“The coil tweezers are wonderful, especially for the eyebrows. One does not need to sit and take out one hair at a time as with regular tweezers so great to reduce the time taken. Great idea/invention and again thank you.”

This is what one user had to say about this great product. The Epilady Coil Tweezer makes tweezing much faster and easier. Its patented coil technology is easy to use, and works as fast as 12 tweezers to quickly, efficiently and carefully remove any unwanted hair.

California Prop 65 information: please see photo.

90 Day Manufacturer's Warranty