MagiCleanse Pulse by Dr. Splendid

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Now: $34.99

MagiCleanse Pulse: Deep-Pore Subsonic Gentle Cleansing Device

High-vibration hygienic device for daily deep, gentle cleansing

Invigorate and freshen your look while deep-cleansing your face


Harness the power of high-vibration to release dirt and oil from the depth of your pores. Designed to work effectively with most cleansing products, the MagiCleanse Pulse high-vibration technology penetrates deeper for thorough cleansing, leaving your skin fresh and rejuvenated.

Accommodating all skin types, soft cotton pads clean your skin gently, never scratching or irritating. The disposable cleansing pads prevent bacteria growth to ensure hygienic operation.


Used daily, the device transforms your skin to look naturally radiant, fresh, and vibrant. Deep cleaning of your pores helps your facial creams to penetrate deeper and work more effectively. 6000 micro-vibrations per minute stimulate your muscles for younger looking skin with long-lasting anti-aging effects.


Battery-operated, the MagiCleanse Pulse is waterproof, lightweight, and small, for easy use even when traveling.


  • 6000 micro-vibrations per minute help dislodge dirt and oil from the depth of your pores for thorough cleansing
  • Hygienic cleansing pads are disposable, eliminating bacteria growth
  • Deep cleansing prepares your skin to better absorb facial cream and serums for greater effectiveness
  • Unlike spinning brush cleansers, soft pads never scratch or irritate even the most delicate skin
  • 2 operating speeds allow you to choose the best mode for you
  • Waterproof (IPX7 Standard) for convenient and safe use 
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Vibration stimulates your facial muscles to increase circulation and give you younger, fresher-looking radiant skin
  • Additional disposable pads available for purchase
  • Battery-operated, small, and lightweight for easy travel
  • Kit includes: MagiCleanse Pulse facial cleanser, 15 disposable cleansing pads, 1 reusable adhesive pad, Instruction manual

California Prop 65 information: please see photo.

90 day manufacturer's warranty